Dash Core Team Executives Hacked

Dash Core Team Executives Hacked

Dash Core team executives were just hacked, when their social media accounts were taken over by bad guys. Luckily, there wasn’t much harm done – hackers used their minutes of fame to posting racist pictures and comments.

Hackers also succeeded to hijack Ryan Taylor’s (chief executive officer of the Dash Core – the team developing Dash network) mobile phone’s SIM card. Also compromised were Taylor’s Twitter and Linkedin user accounts, as seen from tweet below.

One of the comments posted by hackers had a picture of saluting Adolf Hitler with a comment “when you’ve finally made it to lamboland”. There were also some tweets that were praising infamous Bitconnect’s Carlos Matos as new chief executive officer of Dashpay. As you might remember, Bitconnect was most likely a Ponzi scheme that has now crashed and is under criminal investigation by US government.

Twitter scammers have been busy lately with many hijack attempts and just last month MyEtherWallet’s DNS servers were hacked and over 200 Ether was stolen by hackers. It was worth almost 170 thousand dollars at the time.

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