Beware of BunnyToken – shady team, 0 essence

This one might be tempting for some because it plans to be another project inspired by the adult industry which aims to offer all businesses related to the industry a safe and reliable payment solution – and some of those adult projects have turned out to be ICO success stories. Their vision is a future where a large share of the adult market uses one unified token; Bunny, for all their transactions.

The problem is – BunnyToken doesn’t disclose any public profiles of founders or a team. ICOINDEX team was not able to validate any information so suspect the information is fraudulent. They have also have no soft/hard cap specified for ICO – this another MAJOR red flag for obvious reasons.

Also their ehitepaper is talking about a platform, while offering nothing, but creating a simple Ethereum token and wallet to be used in payments. Do we need to go on? Teams reward vesting period is less than 9 months and their code is not public, it’s very likely it doesn’t exist at all.

CryptoVigilante asks you to stay away from this one*

*Always remember – not a financial advice, because CryptoVigilante is not a financial advisor

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