CAUTION: Verge Privacy Founders Pulling Dirty Tricks

A representative for Verge has since confirmed that the impromptu crowd sale is indeed legitimate.
Doug Polk on Twitter: "I'm going to talk shit about Verge because of all of the shitty things they have done"

Are we the one telling it’s a scam? Well, we haven’t completed our thorough research and now it seems, we don’t have to – community has done it’s job and highlighted so many red flags. If you don’t make your own conclusion, you will have only yourself to blame later.

We recommend our visitors to start out with Crypto Youtuber Doug Polk’s video, which shows us why Verge is very likely a scam. That’s right, I said it.

Verge started making waves few weeks. And headlines from big news outlets only added fuel to the fire. Forbes headline from April 4th: “Mysterious ‘World Changing’ Deal Makes Verge The New Sexy Crypto”. This was promptly before Verge founders asked community to donate 75,000,000 XVG (approximately $3 million) so it can reveal a mysterious, “potential partnership” a week later. For the record, this is insane, unheard of – and borderline obnoxious. Of course, it is a extremely bold move to ask your users to give you money just to reveal your new partnership.

Verge strikes a deal with Pornhub. LOL.

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