DON’T: Dating With Benefits Introduces Blockchain Sugar Dating

Dating With Benefits
Screenshot of Derek Cajun

This is another one of those… we are not calling it exactly a scam, but what it aims to be and what it wants from investors, it is quite tempting, honestly.

This is how “datingwithbenefits” ( introduces itself: “Blockchain technology opened up doors to make transactions and agreements more transparent than ever before. User safety is our highest priority and we hold the key to cleaning up an industry filled with flaws that have proven to be disappointing and even dangerous for it’s millions of users. We are bringing safety, security and efficiency to sugar dating.”

With a white paper that reads like essay from a 9th-grader, they want 15 million dollars from investors to create something “revolutional” – another bloody sugar dating website. Are you serious now?

This is just arrogant, blatant money grab. Another one trying to exploit gullible crypto investors, who are trying to get their feet wet. Now kids, this is what we are dealing here. If it says “blockchain” somewhere in the title or whitepaper, it doesn’t mean it actually needs a blockchain. It’s just lipstick on a pig.

They expect to be “the highest player in the sugar dating industry, creating massive demand for BENEFIT tokens.”

What would make them better than competitors?

They claim blockchain enabled verification (???), they claim they will be immune to AshleyMadison style attacks and sugar babies will get paid immediately inside ecosystem with tokens. They will also implement “sexual consent contracts for willing parties”, I guess it will make sure if girl changes her mind on a date, “daddy” can still rape her because it says so in the contract and no legal action will be taken. AWESOME, SIGN ME UP, RIGHT?

Who is in the team? It’s filled with nobodies. I hope I’m not too rude, but there’s no point to even go in the lengths with Linkedin research, because quick glance will tell us it’s full amateur team, trying to make a quick buck.

Their CEO Derek Cajun is a dating coach and has no previous experience running a project like this. His twitter account @LS_Cajun has been active for years now and it has 2000 followers, so this is guy is not an influencer, not a tech person, not a leader… why is he there?

Oh, did I mention they want 15 million dollars from investors?

No further investigation needed from our part, no token metrics will be discussed. This is too much. Thank you for the reader who messaged us about the project.

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