EOS ICO Has Been Hacked And Millions Worth Tokens Stolen

EOS.ICO was hacked earlier this week, when one of the startup company’s e-mail address was hacked. Done that, hackers could pose as developers and send thousands of phishing letters from legit e-mail address to unsuspecting EOS investors.

There was a thread on Reddit where one of the victims claimed he was robbed of over 60 thousand dollars worth of EOS tokens. “I’m a crypto enthusiast that’s been in the space since 2012 and never imagined how I would ever be scammed by a phishing attack,” wrote victim ‘designeey’ in the thread. “I thought that was only something my grandmother would do trying to reset a password or something. But I just fell for it.”

Victim was certain that he was contacted by EOS ICO team member, when he received following e-mail:

BLOCK.ONE e-mail from hacked address
BLOCK.ONE e-mail from hacked address

He thought that it was a legitimate way to register for a widely expected EOS mainnet launch. As he had been looking for the best way to register for weeks at this point and couldn’t find an official process to do it, he thought registering this is done because of avoiding securities regulations.

There were many users who clicked on the link sent to them to receive airdrops, but when they tried to log to their wallets, passwords were automatically stolen and sent to hackers, who then stole the funds.

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