HIGHER (HGR) – another marijuana-coin ICO. PLEASE STOP ALREADY!

I decided not to go deep with this one, because this project is just lazy and irritates me awful lot. Now there’s 9 days to go til this one will end, but still we would like to warn our readers to stay away from this one, because it’s so obvious pile of %&%&%#¤, that it makes our head hurt.

So what is it? “Innovative platform changing the rules of the game on the market of sale and delivery of marijuana. Today in California, tomorrow in all legalized jurisdictions!” Oh yeah? Bitch please! What it is – is 3 Russian dudes (and one African programmer who’s github contains nothing about this project) mass producing yet another marijuana project, that have been around for years now. Telling your potential investors about California doesn’t change the fact what you are trying to achieve here – grab some of this crypto money flying around and be gone in couple of months.

By following the link both from Foundico site and projects ICO webpage we found no info about founders from their Linkedin pages (links were broken/removed) and the coder mentioned on the webpage had nothing about the project listed in their github page.

Their softcap 500K usd and hardcap 1M usd might look sexy to some, who just go “what the hell, let’s give it a try”, because its cheap after all, but please beware. It’s just lazy, come on. Let’s find better project!

*Not a financial advice

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