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How To Tumble Bitcoins

In this article we are going to learn how to tumble bitcoins. Some also call it bitcoin washing. Authorities often go further and claim it is “bitcoin laundering”. I hope you don’t get us wrong, we don’t have criminal minds. We just like to know how things work!

Bitcoin tumbling is a process of using third party tools to break the connection between Bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin blockchain is public. Washing Bitcoins is needed for those who don’t everyone to know where did they send their BTC.

Tumbling Bitcoins is not seemingly an easy task, but if we looked into it, it is actually very simple process and only takes few minutes, if you do it properly.

Everyone has their own reasons why they need to wash their coins, but if you are user of Darknet markets, then tumbling Bitcoins is absolute necessity. There are new tools being implemented constantly to track blockchain transactions. Yes, it may seem waste of time now, but it is not impossible that everyone can track all your transactions sometime in the future and see where exactly your transactions ended up.

So how can be tumble Bitcoins? We assume you are familiar with Tor Browser and know how to access dot onion sites. To wash your coins you need Bitcoins, Tor Browser and ability to produce new coin wallets.

First you should create a wallet in the clearnet. Then buy some bitcoins and send the amount to your clearnet wallet. Then create second wallet in Tor network and after completing that task, send your bitcoins from clearnet wallet to your fresh Tor wallet. This way you break the connection between you and the funds, because you can now claim you don’t own the second wallet you sent money to.

But we are not done yet. Now it is time to create one more wallet, a third one. And one more time in Tor network. Now select mixer. Biggest ones are Helix and Bitcoin Blender. Now you have to remember, that Darknet is full of scams – be very, very careful. We won’t give you any links to Darknet sites, we will not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

Also make sure your Javascript is turned off. There are some tumblers who need Javascript to be enabled. We recommend to avoid those.

Anyway, lets continue tumbling our bitcoins. Now send your coins from your Tor wallet to the address generated by Bitcoin mixer. We assume you will end up receiving those Bitcoins to your Darknet wallet. Have fun now!

All process will take you about 20-25 minutes. If you value your privacy, it is a must.

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