Mariah Carey Accepting Crypto Now – Accepts Monero Payments

So it is being said, that group of well-known musicians including Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson and more has begun accepting the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency monero, writes Coindesk.

The list of more than 40 top recording artists – Slayer, Weezer, G-Eazy, Sia and Fallout Boy are among those also included – comes as part of “Project Coral Reef,” which was put together by entrepreneur Naveen Jain and monero lead maintainer Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni.

“As cryptocurrencies become more popular, it’s important that my fans have choices when it comes to how they buy my songs and merchandise,” told G-Eazy in a press release. “Given Monero is one of the safest, most secure and most private cryptocurrencies, it’s one of the best options for my fans this holiday season.”

And offering an other installment choice, Project Coral Reef is a group driven exertion planned to bring issues to light for Monero’s safe and private framework that keeps running with a novel convention and code-base and has with algorithmic contrasts identifying with blockchain obfuscation. Monero points this in contrast to the more widely known BitCoin — just exceeded $10 thousand USD per coin — where exchange data is openly accessible on the blockchain.

“Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming more popular to make purchases, but not all currencies are created equal and not all are as private and secure as people think. Project Coral Reef is a very important step towards the mainstream adoption of Monero,” said Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni, lead maintainer of Monero, in a statement. “For the first time, consumers around the world can use Monero to securely and privately buy their favorite artists’ music and merchandise.”

The new activity is propelling in organization with installment processor GloBee, music promoting organizations Global Merchandising Services and Manhead Merchandise, and in addition the included chronicle specialists, adds BILLBOARD.COM

“Our focus is to create the best environment for fans to engage with their favorite artists’ merchandise and licensed products,” said Christopher Drinkwater, head of e-commerce for Global Merchandise, in a statement. “With the emergence of cryptocurrencies as an increasingly popular way for consumers to purchase goods, it makes sense that we partner with a trusted digital currency such as Monero to allow fans to transact with artists in a way in which they have never been able to before.” Also, lately has found lots of use cases in online gambling and is featured in many best bitcoin slots sites.

“As someone on the front lines of the music merchandise business, I know how passionate fans are in supporting their favorite band or artist,” added Chris Cornell, founder and CEO of Manhead Merchandise. “I also know how much they value keeping their financial information private. Giving fans the option to use their Monero to purchase awesome gear at our artists’ stores this holiday season is a win-win for our artists, and our fans’ right to privacy.”

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