It comes weeks after Martin Lewis slammed a new Facebook Messenger scam - which sees fraudsters POSING as him.

Money-saving Expert Journalist Planning To Sue Facebook For Scamming Users With Crypto Ads

Martin Lewis is an English journalist, but he is more known as a celebrity money-saving guru. Lewis just tweeted that he is going to sue Facebook. He accuses world’s biggest social network of “defamation related to deceptive cryptocurrency advertisements” – as he writes in his blog.

Lewis claims that Facebook has shown over 50 cryptocurrency ads with illicit use of his face and name. All those ads are promoting their products and in most cases they are “fraudulent”. Some of these companies have been offshore binary trading firms and are illegal inside EU and US. Martin Lewis wrote in his blog:

“I don’t do adverts. I’ve told Facebook that. Any ad with my picture or name in is without my permission. I’ve asked it not to publish them, or at least to check their legitimacy with me before publishing. This shouldn’t be difficult – after all, it’s a leader in face and text recognition.”

Lewis is not happy at all, because Facebook does not limit the dissemination of the advertising products, although he had reported illicit ads several times – obviously with no success whatsoever.

“Even when they are reported, many have been left up for days or weeks. And finally, when they are taken down the scammers just launch a new, nearly identical campaign very soon afterwards and the whole rigmarole starts again.”

Just couple of months ago Facebook held a press conference where announcement was made, that “misleading or deceptive promotional practices” will not be allowed. It was added, that Initial Coin Offerings are considered to be one of those deceptive practices. “It is harder for scammers to profit,” stood in the press release, not liked by many crypto enthusiasts.

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