Roger Ver facing lawsuit because of shilling Bitcoin cash.

Roger Ver Facing a Lawsuit For Shilling Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This is actually funny to me. All Bitcoin Cash fanboys simply believe that Bitcoin Cash is a continuation of the original Bitcoin project – which it isn’t. Roger Ver, one of the driving for behind Bitcoin Cash, will likely be sued by a group of Bitcoin activists.

There’s already a Telegram group named “ lawsuit/ victims” and also a “bitcoincomlawsuit” group. For now there is over 600 members in the group and all of them seem to be very angry. They are angry because “Roger Ver is spreading wrong information to all its users saying that Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is the real Bitcoin [BTC].”

Sure, Roger Ver is one of the biggest names in cryptocurrency world, but ever since last summer when Bitcoin Cash fork happened, things started to go sideways for him and for Bitcoin in general. Bitcoin fanboys don’t even call Bitcoin Bitcoin anymore, but refer to it as “Bitcoin Core”, which many see as insulting.

So what are they talking in Telegram group? This, for example (by the creator of the group):

“we have things going on behind the scenes and ALLOT of industry people dm us to help with lawyer firms recommendations and in different juri’s. there seems to be some serious merrit with a few of the approaches, cant say more now. send everybody to us that lost money using bitcoincom platform or wallet.”

A user from reddit, px403 doesn’t agree with Bitcoin Cash haters and chimes in:

“Defrauded who now? BCH is nearly at its all time high. Even if someone did accidentally buy BCH instead of BTC (which I don’t think has ever actually happened in any serious way) they could just take the profits now and buy some BTC. Either way they certainly didn’t buy them from Roger. They probably bought it from Coinbase, who very clear about the difference between the two, or they bought it from the same kind of scam artist that tries to sell chuck-e-cheese tokens as Bitcoins”

There are certainly fun times ahead. We keep our popcorn poppin’ and ready.

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