Stolen Litecoin. Fake Electrum Litecoin wallet stolen 360 thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency

Stolen Litecoin Story – $360,000 Taken From Redditor

Litecoin subreddit user ‘danbel79’ discovered few days ago that his wallet was missing 2349 LTC, which is worth over 360,000 American dollars. Story of stolen Litecoin.

“On the morning of April 12, I decided to reset Windows 10 using the recovery option. and wipe out all files, which I had already backed-up on another drive,” writes victim in Litecoin subreddit. He then proceeds to explain, what exactly happened to his ‘house in the suburbs’ worth of cryptocurrency.

“After installing Windows office, Chrome and Adobe Reader, I then decided to download the Electrum Litecoin wallet, I downloaded the “Windows installer” version, typed in my seed during the setup and next a message indicating an error popped-up. The message said something about not being able to connect to the server. I tried once again and the same thing happened. I quickly goggle for an answer but couldn’t find a simple one,” explains victim.

After minutes of trying to find a workaround, he finally installed “Standalone Executable” version. “I typed my seed during the setup and the wallet opened. I don’t remember checking the balance, but I do remember deciding to give it a few minutes to update.”

After that he installed other wallets and programs and totally forgot about the wallet. Five days later he decided to checkis his Litecoin balance and discovered that it was empty. Hacker had stolen Litecoin.

“After trying to figure out how I had been hacked I found out that my wallet was emptied seconds after I installed the wallet on April 12. The hack didn’t just stop there, my seed was also used to claim and take my Litecoin Cash.”

Victim and other redditors came to a conclusion, that a false Electrem Litecoin wallet was to blame. Correct one can be download from, but victim downloaded his from

That’s brutal, buddy. We at CryptoVigilante feel sorry for your loss.

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