Syscoin Trojan Attack

Syscoin Desktop Client Faced a Trojan Attack

Syscoin announced on their Github page that there has been a malicious trojan attack and their project’s official desktop client has been compromised. As written on their Github page, all users who downloaded the Syscoin desktop client sometime between June 09-13 should immediately get rid of the software and take necessary action.

It is believed that the compromised Github account belonged to one of the Syscoin core team members. That account eventually allowed the hackers to get access and inject trojan to the downloadable version of the Syscoin client.

When users downloaded the dirty client, their computers got infected by a well known trojan software that’s called Arkei Stealer. Arkei targets users private keys and user passwords for wallets stored on infected computers/devices. If you use any of the biggest anti-virus software out there, Arkei Stealer is easily located. Also, as can be seen from the Virus Total scan, 70% of all the anti-virus software providers have already taken actions and blacklisted dirty Syscoin desktop client software.

It is recommended that if you have installed the trojan, you should enable 2-factor authentication on all of your accounts and back up all your data before cleaning your storage and moving funds to to clean trojan free machine.

Original message from Syscoin Github page
Original message from Syscoin Github page

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