Yet Another Crypto Celeb Scam – Deborah Meaden and Martin Lewis in the Spotlight

So this is number… how many already this year? Yet another cryptocurrency scam, yet another website, this time called Bitcoin Trader and this time it’s using celeb names like Deborah Meaden (BBC’s Dragon Den) and Martin Lewis, who is Moneysavingexpert’s founder.

It’s become quite popular to use celebrity names to scam people. As you remember, Floyd Mayweather, the famous boxer was in the centre of scandalous ICO scam. And now, Deborah Meaden’s name is used for crypto scam.

As written in Coingape, the scamsters worked through a platform named BitCoin Trader which offers a new way to trade cryptocurrency. The adverts for the same has been placed on the numerous social media channels among many other websites while using the photos of celebs.

Website claims that it’s the brainchild of two long time friends who used to work for the Dragon’s Den, which also is the reason it has so many celeb endorsements. To promote false crypto investments, homepage provides a way to buy different currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Visitor just has to click on the post and it takes him to the page that has photos of celebs and quotes from the Dragon Den’s stars like Eamonn Quinn, Gavin Duffy, Eleanor McEvoy and many others. They all recommend using company for making investments.

Both Meaden and Lewis came out with press release, where they state that they have nothing to do with the project.

“With the growing sophistication of online fraud, it becomes increasingly important to carry out checks before parting with cash online. A quick Google search will often reveal the truth and all online advertising should be read set against the premise of “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!” explains Deborah Meaden.

Martin Lewis adds: “Let me be very plain. I never do adverts. If you see my picture in an advert on Facebook or anywhere else recommending products – be it Bitcoin, binary trading, PPI firms or anything else – they are nothing to do with me. Be very, very careful.”

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